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SHIMADZU SDU-350 XL Shimadzu Console Ultrasound System
SDU-350XL compact portable ultrasonic diagnostic scanner for classic high-quality (B, M, В/В, В/М modes) ultrasonic exams. Electronic linear /convex/microconvex scanning in a gray scale mode.

The ergonomic design with a big monitor along with a operator-focused software help facilitate routine exams and allow to concentrate attention on the patient. The system features the following advantages: program setup for a focused exam area due to multipurpose individually programmable keys.

9-inch (22.5 cm) monitor.
- 256 shades of gray
Folding control panel with the function of screen protection
Probes range from 2.5 up to 12.0 MHz
Function of image enlargement without loss of quality (Write Zoom).

The basic package of measurements is included in the device kit for versatile ultrasonic exams including obstetrics, gynecology, urology, cardiology and also special programs for measurement of volume of the thyroid gland, estimation of development of coxofemoral joint of children.

It is extremely convenient in operation, due to freely programmed function keys, function of preliminary set-up of parameters and the block of cine-memory.

There is an opportunity of linear, convex and microconvex probes with a different range of frequencies connection that provides variety of research opportunities of the device.

Transvaginal and biplane transrectal probes with a wide view angle can be delivered at request.

In addition two probes can be simultaneously connected to the scanner due to the special switchboard.



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