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MEDISON SonoAce-6000 II stationary 128-channel B/W ultrasound system
Applications: obstetrics and gynecology, abdominal cavity, cardiology, superficial part, ultrasonic mammography, obstetrics, gynecology, cardiology, pediatrics, urology.

Basic specifications: console (12"monitor; built-in modules: 2nd harmonic, Free Hand 3D, SonoView II Lite; built-in keyboard with trackball; a bottle of gel of 250 ml; operator manual) + convex probe

Basic characteristics:
The stationary ultrasonic device with linear and convex technique of scanning.
The monitor with a diagonal of 30 sm (12 ") - antiblinking with high resolution.
Formation of the image: 256 hues of grey color.
Modes of measurement: B, 2B, B+M, B+2M.
128 channels of reception / transfer of the image.
Increase in real time ("Zoom".
cine-memory 64 frames.
The convenient keyboard with built - in trackball.
Pedal of remote control.
Ease and convenience of adjustment of amplification(strengthening) of an echo - signal on depth.
simultaneous connection of two probeses.
Electronic switching of probes.

The sophisticated technology of 128-channel digital beamforming realizes crystal-clear image by eliminating the artifacts through pixel-based focusing and digital implementation processing technology.

Freehand 3D imaging technology offers realistic, freely rotating surface rendered images. The surface rendering of Freehand 3D is a calculation process to visualize certain 3D structures of a scanned data by means of 2D image.

The OHITM (Optimized Harmonic Imaging) technology enhances spatial resolution and contrast in the mid-field to enable detailed, accurate diagnosis even in the most difficult-to –image patients.

CINE function stores each frame image to the system memory up to maximum rate 64 black and white frames of normal resolution images and saves up to 256 frames in the memory for closer examination and plays back at variable speed.

SonoViewⅡTM Lite, installed in the system, allows physicians to store, preview, and even send images to the remote areas. The capability of image filing function on the 128 BW is up to 20,000 images and users can build the optimum ultrasound image management environment via Sono -ViewⅡTM Lite to communicate images and related information to other users on the network.

Network cable
User's guide.
MOD (optional) - drive for storage of images to magneto-optical disks (3.5 " x 1.3 Gb).
Videoprinter B/W or color (optional).
Videorecorder (optional).
Uninterrupted power supply unit (optional)


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