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SonoAce Pico - Portable digital ultrasonic scanner with color doppler. It is modern system for digital color ultrasonic scanning. Having practically all diagnostic opportunities of traditional stationary systems, it is portable. Developed on platform Linux, system SonoAce Pico, thanks to completely digital technology of a beamТs formation and processing of a signal, allows receiving images with the best for devices of this class resolution.
In addition to such technologies as formation of the three-dimensional image in a manual mode and application of broadband three-frequency probes for improvement of a scanning quality, SonoAce Pico system has an opportunity of трапецеидального image formation providing increase of a vision field whilst researching small organs, and use of microconvex probe and complete set of programs for cardiological researches.

Applications: obstetrics and gynecology, abdominal cavity, cardiology, superficial parts.
Base kit: console (10.4" monitor; built-in modules: the 2-nd harmonic, Free Hand 3D, SonoView Lite; built-in keyboard with trackball; a bottle of gel of 250 ml; userТs manual + convex probe).

Basic characteristics:
Portable ultrasonic system
- Height x width x depth: 357 x 320 x 204 mm
- Weight: approx. 10 kg.
Convex and linear scanning.
10.4" monitor
8-bit color.
Color Doppler mapping.
ECG module.

Main Features:
Х Real time 64-channel imaging
Х Full digital signal processing
Х Synthetic aperture control
Х 2D / M Mode / color and color power Doppler / pulsed wave and spectral Doppler
Х Cine for 128 frames and Loop Review for 2048 M mode lines
Х Tissue Harmonic imaging
Х Trapezoidal imaging
Х Dual Probe Connector is available next to 1 Active probe port
Х 1 Active probe port
Х 10.4" Color TFT LCD, non-interlaced type
Х Integrated 3D Image package / Magicut
Х DICOM 3.0 compatible image filing : SonoView Lite
Х 40GB Hard Disk Drive
Х User accessible magnetic optical(MO) and CD R/W drive (to be update)
Х Peripheral output device package
Х Comprehensive Measurement packages
Х Language support : English, German, Spanish, Italian, French

Scanning modes:
- B, 2B, 4B, M, B+M;
- Pulse Doppler;
- Spectral Doppler: PW;
- Color Doppler;
- Power Doppler;
- Duplex and triplex mode.
High quality of images:
- Technology of digital beam formation;
Ergonomic keyboard.
Simultaneous connection of up to 2 probes.
Electronic switching of probes.
Expanded clinical opportunities

Calculation of a fetus age with the help of various measurements: biparietal diameter, femur length, coccyx-parietal size.
Calculation of fetal body weight by the Shepard, Hadlock, Merz, Osaka University methods.
Cardiac measuring programs:
- estimation of mitral, aortic valves;
- estimation of the left ventricles under CUBED, POMBO, TEICHHOLZ formulas and in B-mode: ESP, EBP, BUL, MSR.

Network cable
User's manual
B/W or color videoprinter (optional)
Specialized videorecorder (optional)
Uninterrupted power supply (optional)


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